Babies and Children


All our osteopaths are experienced Paediatric Osteopaths, and we have been treating babies and children in the practice for over 30 years.

Osteopathy is a holistic treatment that is not primarily condition focussed. Osteopaths believe that mechanical imbalances in different areas of the body may contribute to discomfort and aggravate some of the common conditions that our patients present with. 

Treatment is aimed at gently releasing and balancing areas of physical tension in order to return the body to a state of balance, in order to allow the body’s own self healing ability to restore a balanced state of well-being and health.

Osteopaths take into consideration all aspects of health and development in their assessment of a baby or child.

A Clinic Audit of Churchdown Osteopaths in 2015 showed the following:

During a 9 month period from January to September 2015, 361 new patients were seen at Churchdown Osteopaths.

34% (121) were babies under 1 year old

12% (52) were age 1 – 14 years

54% (188) were over 15 years old.

Babies under 1 year: Presenting Symptoms

Babies under 1 year: Presenting Symptoms  

Average number of treatments for babies under 1 year is 3.5


Children 1-14 years: Presenting Symptoms

Children 1-14 years: Presenting Symptoms

Average number of treatments for children age 1 – 14 is 4.2



This video shows Clive Hayden treating a newborn baby.

Special Offer Mother and Baby Package

The birth process is a very demanding and intense experience for both mother and baby, and at Churchdown Osteopaths we offer a postnatal check for both mother and baby.

Please contact us if you want to discuss whether osteopathy is likely to be able to help your child.