What our patients say

At his annual asthma check the nurse noticed that his lung capacity was greater than the norm for a child with no asthma issues – a marked improvement. He now only uses an inhaler when his cough is bad, not every day as the GP had previously advised. His ‘tantrum’ behaviour has much improved and he is so much easier to manage and less challenging when he doesnt get his way.
Since my treatment I have found that I can breathe deeper. For as long as I can remember I have been a ‘shallow breather’. I run to keep fit but have always struggled to increase my distance from 2-3 miles. Now I can easily run 6 miles. I have more energy and just feel happier in myself.
I was recommended that a visit to an osteopath would be beneficial. The treatment was gentle and painfree and after a few visits my problems had just about disappeared.
Teachers have noticed a great improvement in J. His teacher hasn’t known a child who has gone up several sublevels in keystage grades in just ONE TERM. We as parents feel this has been a very positive experience for him and he is a much happier child as a result.
Improvement in colic, screaming bursts, strangers anxiety and general well-being. L is like a new baby – easier to handle for everyone else.
F suffered from recurrent ear infections, was not very balanced and not walking independantly. After 3 treatments he had no further infections, was sleeping like a log and walking by himself. I am delighted with the results and I will be bringing my next newborn back to you as a matter of course.
My lower back pain and sciatica has been relieved.  I was not sure after the first treatment how effective this treatment was, even though symptoms improved. A year or two later with the symptoms returning just as severe as previously I left it to ‘heal’ naturally. It didn’t. A further consultation and treatment had me fit and able again within two days, just as it had before. There is no doubt in my mind that treatment helped my back pain and sciatica.